CIMON – Centre for Business Research and Modelling

Research Team

  • Marcelo Chancana, MA – Executive Director of the Centre
  • Alejandro Puente, MA – Researcher
  • Jorge Miranda, MBA – Researcher


The Centre for Business Research and Modelling of the Universidad Santo Tomás (CIMON), conducts research activities in the Faculty of Economics and Business. Amongst its main academic and research areas are business studies and entrepreneurial project management. Therefore, CIMON is concerned with analysing the decision-making process in companies, with special emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises.

CIMON’s Aims and Objectives

CIMON’s Mission is applied research on decision-making in the field of business. Thus, CIMON’s focus is to study how macro- and micro-economic factors, among others, affect business decision-making, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises.

To this end, CIMON uses two tools: real ventures involving CIMON, and business venture simulation, through the Centre’s business simulation laboratory. Another part of this objective is the incorporation of academics and students to various projects and programmes using these tools at national level.

Strategic Lines

  • Carry out applied research in the area of business decision-making, using databases generated by the business
  • Simulator and real ventures involving CIMON.
  • Identify community needs for the development of academic programmes.
  • Involve undergraduate and postgraduate students in projects relevant to their training.
  • Community outreach (extension, dissemination, work with the community).
  • Consulting in the area of business, economics, audit and finance.
  • Relevant reports to the community: financial and economic outlook.


Contact Details

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Address: Av. Ejército Libertador 146, Santiago, Chile.
Telephone: +56 22 362 4872